Seasonal Projects

While we are committed to long-term developmental programmes, we also undertake seasonal projects to cater for the religious duties of our beneficiaries and  supporters.

Ramadan Family Food Packs

While the month of Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, it also brings extra hardship for some. People living in extreme poverty often fast during daylight hours with no hope of having any food with which to break the fast after sunset.
This is why we distribute food packs before or at the beginning of Ramadan. The packs contain a month’s supply of food.

Qurbani & Eid Gifts

We arrange for Qurbanis in areas where people would otherwise not get any Qurbani meat. By doing so, we help families celebrate Eid with special meals.

Wwe are able to provide this service in different parts of the country through our partners on the ground, reaching communities that are often overlooked and sometimes difficult to reach.