Dignity Corners in High Schools

Improving menstrual hygiene and educational attainment through high schools

A World Bank study in 2019 found that 77% of women and girls in Bangladesh cannot afford proper menstrual hygiene products. Another study found that 64% of girls are not aware of menstruation before their first period. This study also found that as a result of not having proper hygiene products, girls miss an average of three days of school every month. This affects their educational attainment.

We are working with local partners to set up Dignity Corners in high schools where girls can access wash facilities and obtain reusable sanitary pads and other related hygiene products. These will be provided free of charge, with an invitation to make contributions to the project by those who can afford to do so.

We will also work with schools to provide menstrual hygiene awareness sessions and instructions on the proper use and care of reusable products.

Our long-term aim is to set up Dignity Corners in every secondary and tertiary education establishment in Bangladesh.

GDF (BRTUK) Dignity Corners in High Schools
GDF (BRTUK) Dignity Corners in High Schools