About us

The Bangladesh Regeneration Trust UK (“BRTUK”) is a UK registered charity established to carry out various forms of regeneration work within Bangladesh.

Bangladesh belongs to the poorest group of countries in the world with around 160 million people living on a small piece of densely populated land. The World Bank’s World Development indicators puts Bangladesh 170th place (out of 207 countries) in the global ranking of gross national income per capita. Bangladesh is characterised by extreme poverty, with the majority of the people living below the poverty line with no access to adequate healthcare and no means of earning.
BRTUK provides a platform for young second, third and fourth generation Bangladeshis to support various social development initiatives, primarily within Sylhet but extending to other parts of Bangladesh as well.

BRTUK focuses efforts on the three key areas of development:
• Promoting education
• Creating livelihood schemes
• Supporting healthcare