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We are working towards the relief of poverty and the improvement of living conditions in socially and economically disadvantaged communities, with particular focus on Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi community in the UK.

Bangladesh has made impressive gains in key human development indicators in recent years. However, the World Bank still lists it within the group of Least Developed Countries. The UN Human Development Index places Bangladesh 136th among 189 countries. But despite these considerable advances, poverty is still deep and widespread in the country, with almost half of its population living on less than £2 per day, and over 20 million living in extreme poverty.

Bangladesh’s geographical location, land characteristics, rivers, and climate also make it very vulnerable to natural disasters, further increasing the suffering of people who are already living in dire conditions.

We focus on the following key areas of development

Delivery Method

Our preferred method of delivering interventions is through existing local partner organisations, where available. Such organisations usually have local knowledge, experience and infrastructure and are better equipped to deliver interventions more effectively.

When deciding on partner organisations, we carefully evaluate their governing bodies, policies, procedures and track records. We also require independent references, at least one of which must be from a UK registered charity or NGO.


At GDF, we believe that all people, regardless of age, ability, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation or socio-economic background, have the right to be protected from abuse, neglect or exploitation. The welfare and interests of children and vulnerable adults in particular are paramount in all circumstances.

We recognise that as an organisation we have a responsibility to promote the welfare and safety of all children and vulnerable adults. Therefore our Safeguarding Policy requires all individuals who represent GDF, including trustees, staff, volunteers and those working for partner organisations, to raise any concerns they have by following this policy.

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