Education & Training

Principle Women's College

The College provides further education (tertiary) to girls and young women, mainly from impoverished families, providing them with the opportunity to go on to university or seek employment to help maintain their families.

We are planning to provide vocational skills training as well as life skills such as first aid, mental health awareness and basic maternal healthcare. These skills will not only be provided to the students of the College, but also to local adults outside of school hours, alongside basic literacy and numeracy.

Student Investment Programme

We provide bursaries to high achieving/gifted students from poor families, helping them to complete their education. Currently running in one sub-district, this is a programme we plan to extend to other districts throughout Bangladesh. Working with the Bangladesh Ministry of Education and local schools, we are planning a programme to identify three students in each school who are most in need, and assist them financially as well as with a mentorship programme to guide them through from school through to working life. Our aim is to run this programme in every school in Bangladesh.