Our Team

We have a small team of dedicated professionals who volunteer their time to ensure every single penny collected from our donors are put to their most effective use. There are no salaries paid and no admin expenses incurred as a result.

Nazir Ali – Chairman

Nazir lives in East London with his wife and two children and works as a trading standards officer. He is a passionate and enthusiastic philanthropist involved with a number of different initiatives but has a special place for development in Bangladesh.

Yahya Alkasmiah – Vice Chairman

Yahya works in the media and comes from a background working for charities and NGOs in the UK and in Bangladesh. He is a well known face within the Bangladeshi community working as a presenter on the popular S Channel.

Talib Uddin – Treasurer

Talib Uddin is a business man and a dedicated man of charity. He looks after the BRTUK Principle Women’s College portfolio the site of which he donated himself.

Alam Sheikh – Executive Member

Alam is a business man with interests in the import/export sector amongst other things. He is also very passionate about developments in Bangladesh and leads the BRTUK Annual Bangladesh Charity Tour.

Mayen Uddin Ansar – Executive Member

Ansar is the owner of the well known Impressions venue in West Ham, East London. Apart from that Ansar has a number of other business interests but combines this with his love for humanitarian causes.